Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Hooray for Thanksgiving break! 5 whole days off...
Funny story: Last night while I was at a cougar basketball game Clay, Brad's 5 year old brother, was telling me about his friend that wasn't going to come to school for the rest of the week. We talked about it for a while, then if dawned on me that Clay wasn't going to school for the rest of the week either. When I told him that he wasn't going to have to go to school after Tuesday either his eyes lite up like it was Christmas morning. It was so precious! Then he told me that he could use this vacation to rest. I'm sure he will rest! LOL

Here is a picture of Clay and Jim, my father-in-law, at the Triathlon this summer

Last week I promised that I would post pictures of the West Winter Wonderland (haha), so I have included the few that I could take before my camera decided to take a break. We are now finished with the indoor and outdoor decor. And let me tell you it was difficult considering the horrible cold that I have had. But it is now complete!

And this is were the camera decided that it had worked to hard and needed a recharge. Wouldn't that be awesome to be able to completely shut down and not work until you were recharged? Well I hope that you also use this holiday time to catch up on some much needed rest. I know Clay will.

I hope that you have a Wonderful Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I will (or hope to) post our Thankgiving plans

Saturday, November 15, 2008

This was the first week since August that I didn't attend a football game. Well I did go to the Northside game last night, but I kindof classified it as a date (sad huh?). The coach and I went to eat and then we went to watch Northside play Van Buren. I got to sit next to my husband at the game. I was felt like a jr. high girl that is extremely excited to sit next to her crush. But anyway the game was extremely cold and the Grizzles were stomping the Pointers, so we left in the 3rd quarter. So the date was short but sweet!
I have decided to get out the Christmas stuff, because I saw that there are only 38 days til Christmas. So my carpet is covered in tree, but I really don't mind the mess because I love this time of the year. When I finished decorating I will host a tour of the West house.
I hope that you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh... the lovely housework!

"Can you do this I am about to throw up?" These were the words that came out of my husbands mouth as he was cleaning the dishes, when I say cleaning the dishes I mean rinsing them off to put them in the dishwasher. My first reaction was what could he possibly be doing to make him need to throw up. You ready for my second reaction?? Why in the world would I come take over something that is making him want to throw up? Thats like when someone says "This smells awful, here you smell it." After rolling my eyes and releasing a frustrated sigh, I went to see what could be making him so sick. He was merely scrubbing the pan that we cooked the eggs in. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! He explained to me that it makes him sick to see dried eggs. Oh I'm so sorry hunny! NOT! There are just somethings that you have to get over. After looking very aggravated, I took over the sickening duty of scrubbing the dried eggs off the pan. You may be asking yourself why (I will admit that I am wondering the same).
Here are the reasons:
1. There was water everywhere. I mean everywhere. When coach cleans you need to clean up behind him.
2. He takes fffooorrreeevvveeerrr to do something. Something that takes me a max of 10 mins. to do, will take him at least 30 mins.
3. I just like the way I do things better.
Lets talk about the 3rd reason. When he is attempting to do some of the chores, I generally go behind him and redo it. I don't mean to but I just can't help myself. He has told me on numerous occasions that this is why he doesn't like to do housework (I've got news for him, I don't like to do it either). I can see where is coming from, though. Do you have trouble turning over the dreaded housework for fear that it will be done wrong (or not to your standard)? How do you handle it?

Monday, November 10, 2008

I just don't get it!

While I was watching the news today, I was shocked by the report of 23 people living in a house of filth (14 children). I just don't understand how some people resort to this kind of life style, and furthermore force it upon their innocent children. There are so many things out there to help people, so I really don't think that there is an excuse. I understand that it is harder for some people, but really this bad to have your children walk on floors filled with feces'. I see kids on a daily basis that I would love to take home and love them to death. It really makes me grateful for the wonderful childhood I had. Thanks, mom and dad! I really wish that I could help every child. So during the holidays I have made it my mission to help children that are in need. I challenge you to help at least one child during this holiday season also.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The day we said "I do"...

Here is the promised wedding post. We got married at the Hamilton House in Hot Springs on May 31st. It was an unbelievely beautiful day. I can't say the same about next day, but we really didn't mind because we were on a boat heading to the Caribbean. Here are a few pics of the wedding (reception pics will be a different post this week, so check back).


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We are the Champions my friend...

Chaffin Cougars are the 7th grade Fort Smith City Champs!
Tonight was the last jr. high game, and we beat Ramsey (Yeah!). Two seasons down! I really do love it, but by the end of the season it gets a bit long. Also, I never see my husband during football.
This weekend I am looking forward to spending some time with friends in Fayetteville. But I have been trashing my closet to find something that I could wear. How did my clothes situation get so bad. Oh I remember, I spend all of my time at games. If I do shop it is a quick run in and grab something. I really need to spend some time on my wardrobe. This brings me to my second point, I feel that I am at a awkward dressing age. I don't want to look like I am trying to dress to young, but I definitely don't want to age myself by 20 years. Does anyone else have this problem??
Well I hope you have a wonderful Friday! The weekend is just around the corner!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Time for quicky...

I am currently one greased up gal... I had an allergic reaction to something, so I have hydrocortisone on every inch of my body. And I don't have a clue as to what I could possibly be allergic to. Fun, huh?

On a happier note, I got a visit from the most adorable pirate on Friday night.

It was Tripp's, my nephew, first Halloween. Have you ever seen such a cute pirate?

Tonight coach's team won their game, so they are playing for the city championship tomorrow night. I am so excited for them! (Also excited this week is the end of jr. high football)

I know that this wasn't a wedding post, but I will do it when I have more time.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time to join in...

Well I guess I will finally join in on the blogging hype! Since I have an extra hour today today was a perfect day to start.
I am a newly wed, as of May 31, 2008. I am married to my best friend, that is a coach. Yes, I spend ALOT of time sitting on a bleacher. Which by the way, there is no way to make the bleachers comfortable. I have tried many things. Cushions work for a little while, but by half time there is not much cushion left in the cushion. And the bleacher seats are just awkward!
Okay back to about me (I get distracted easily), Teaching is my passion. I absolutely love to see my kiddos smiling faces every morning. I have taught 3rd grade, art, 4th grade math and 4th grade in just 4 years. I know what you are thinking. Yes I have taught something different every year I have taught. I am hoping that I can stay in 4th grade for at least a couple years. But I have gained alot of experience, that I wouldn't trade for anything, teaching in different areas.
Coach and I have two of the most precious dogs (Cheesy, huh?). They are so funny to watch and they can brighten even the saddest of days. Gabe, my blind puppy, has been with me since I was a freshman in high school. He is going to be twelve years old this month. Coach and I got Madi the summer of 2006. She loves her daddy, but she will settle for me if that is all she has (which is often because of coach's schedule).

Gabe, doing what he does best! Relaxing!

My sweet lil girl! Madi!

In the next few post I will share with you our wedding! Have a wonderful Monday!